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    6 Winter Skincare Essentials with Dos and Don'ts

    6 Winter Skincare Essentials with Dos and Don'ts - NALÈ

    It’s no news that prioritizing your skin’s health all year round is key. But, in winter, extra care is required to maintain glowing and healthy skin. This is due to the weather at this time of the year - the temperature outside drops, and the heating systems indoors also dry up the air, leading to low humidity which is hard on your skin. This can deprive your skin of the needed moisture and make it look dry and drab.

    You may therefore need to adjust your regular skin care routine to include more moisturizing products that can protect your skin from the harsh winds.

    The following skincare essentials will prepare your skin for the winter cold and dryness, leaving it soft, glowing, well-nourished, and moisturized.

    Mild cleansers

    These cleansers should be creamy and hydrating. Unlike regular cleansers, mild cleansers do not remove the important moisture that the skin produces naturally. Instead, they do a good job of cleansing without totally drying the skin, thereby protecting and leaving it feeling good.


    Moisturizers are also needed to shield the skin from the dryness caused by winter. However, they need to be more nourishing, and richer in texture and moisture to protect the skin from the cold and dry winter air. It is advisable to apply while the skin is still slightly damp to allow easy absorption.



    This might come as a surprise to you. Quite a lot of people think sunscreens should be used only during spring or summer or when you can see the sun shining, but that should not be the case. During winter, although the days look dark and feel cold, harmful UV rays are still being emitted. So, do not keep your sunscreen during winter, you need it as much as you need it for other seasons.


    Lip balms

    The lips don't produce as much oil as the rest of the face. So, lip balms supply the needed moisture and protection for the lips. Apply it throughout the day and even before bed. Also, remember to go for lip balms that contain SPF for that extra layer of protection.



    These work well for deep hydration and sealing in moisture, as they penetrate faster and better into the skin and soothe it.


    Hand cream

    It is normal for your hands to feel dry at intervals. This is why you should always have this with you everywhere you go. You would also need it after washing your hands at different times during the day, to keep them feeling well-moisturized.

    These skincare essentials are fundamental to preserving your skin during winter, and you should keep them handy when the season comes.


    Skincare Dos and Don’ts for Winter

    While you’re out and about trying to give your skin the best care come Winter season, some errors should be avoided and a few things must be incorporated into your routine.


    1. Get a professional opinion on the right products to use
    2. Always do your nighttime routine. It is as important as your morning routine. 
    3. Moisturize deeply at night and wear socks and gloves if possible, to seal in moisture
    4. Stay hydrated by drinking enough water. This way, you are moisturizing from the inside, and the skin retains this moisture. 
    5. Dress in layers when stepping out, to protect your skin as much as possible from the cold air. 
    6. Take vitamin D supplements to make up for the lack of needed sunshine 
    7. Use humidifiers to keep the air humid


    1. Don’t take long and hot baths, as they strip your skin of its natural oils. Opt for quick and warm baths to retain the natural oils on your skin
    2. Don't let your thermostat be too high. Instead, keep it low and wear warm clothing
    3. Do not use alcohol-based skin products. They may damage the skin barrier
    4. Do not exfoliate too much, as the scrubs may cause more damage to your already dry skin. Once or twice a week is fine.




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