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    What Makes the Perfect Vacation Wardrobe?

    What Makes the Perfect Vacation Wardrobe? - NALÈ


    Hiya Sis! You’ve shown up and given your best in juggling work, raising your kids (and husband or boyfriend), relationships, family, bills, self-development, daily grind, etc. It’s time to go on a little escape from all these activities with a vacation! Yes, you’ve earned it.

    A getaway is more than a trip particularly when you are on a budget, because your luggage is limited, which can be a nightmare as you try to figure out what you need, what you want, and what might result in excess luggage claim. The delicate balance of being practical and looking cute for your Instagram and TikTok family can sometimes seem like a knife's edge when preparing for your vacation.

    Don't panic. Here, I’ve put together what can be called an ultimate guide to creating a vacation wardrobe that is not only budget-friendly, but also comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, versatile. Whether it’s a safari, rainforest, resort, beach, hiking, hotel or cruise ship vacation, this guide provides you with the perfect vacation wardrobe.


    Planning is Everything

    Well, we can agree that planning is half of every task, and you are no stranger to planning. Up until reading this article, you have planned for every activity you’ve ever engaged in–dates, ladies' night out, careers, family vacations, etc.–so, planning one more vacation (your vacation) should be a cakewalk.

    Thus, before you begin throwing your cutest bikinis or bike shorts into your luggage, take a deep breath (or two), then answer some key questions;

    • Where am I going?: A safari vacation in Africa will require a different wardrobe from a hiking trip in the canyon or the mountain. Like you’ve always done, a little bit of research about the weather and the regular or normal activities that take place at your getaway destination.
    • How long is your vacation?: A weekend getaway will require smaller luggage and wardrobe, while a two-week or one-month vacation will require a much more comprehensive wardrobe.
    • What types of activities have you planned?: The get-up and gear for a ski trip in the Alps will not be needed at a fancy dinner on a cruise ship.
    • What's your Style?: Comfort is very important in your wardrobe, but being confident and feeling well put together can make a big difference in enjoying your vacation.


    Understanding Mix and Match

    For vacations or short getaways, mix and match are the building blocks of the perfect wardrobe. You must do away with the “one outfit per day” mentality as it will not allow you to pack smart for your trip. 


    • Casual T-shirt: If you have a T-shirt from your favourite band or sports team, or one with a simple graphic or inscription on it will not only add a touch to your personality but can also earn you a vacation friend (being a conversation starter).
    • Solid Tank Tops: White, Navy blue, black, or khaki-coloured tank tops will effortlessly match any bottoms and shoes. You should pack a few.
    • Lightweight Sweater: Consider adding thin cardigans or pullovers to your wardrobe as warm destinations may experience chilly evenings. In case of an unexpected drop in temperature, you have the right gear to go with it.
    • Flowy camisole: Breezy nights are perfectly matched with camisoles. If you are considering a more modest look, then consider layering it with a solid or patterned tank top.


    • High-waisted Denim Shorts: You have now entered the realm of versatile wardrobe. This comfortable fit that flatters your figure can be mixed and matched with a blouse, T-shirt or tank top.
    • Maxi Skirt: Here’s another versatile skirt that is perfect for a breezy day or night. You can pair it with your camisole or other tops as you wish.
    • Leggings or yoga pants: These pair of pants make up your comfortable wardrobe for your vacation. For activities that range from lounging in a hotel to exploring a city, these breathable fabrics are perfect.
    • Swimsuit: One that flatters your figure should be your first choice. If you are feeling a bit conservative, then consider a cover-up that doubles as a skirt when you need it at the pool or beach.


    A soft reminder that comfort is a key ingredient to your perfect vacation wardrobe. Hence, you should leave those tight and heavy footwear behind. 

    • Sandals: These breathable footwear provide you with good arch support and are excellent for exploration and other sightseeing activities at your getaway.
    • Flip flops: These are the perfect shoes for poolside activities or a visit to the beach at your Caribbean resort. Consider having your pedicure done to make a statement.
    • Sneakers: If one or more of your vacation activities involves walking long distances, then go for comfortable pairs of sneakers that also touch on your personality based on your style.
    • Waterproof Shoes: You should consider a pair if hiking on a trail or rainforest is included in your vacation activities.


    With the right budget accessories, you can elevate your look with a touch of personality to your vacation wardrobe.

    • Earrings: Make a statement on your simple outfit with a pair of bold earrings from discount retailers or thrift stores.
    • Scarves: This particular accessory is versatile and can be worn as sarongs, scarves, or headbands–depending on your destination or activities.
    • Sunglasses: Consider protecting your eyes with classic-styled glasses that will go with every of your vacation fits.
    • Hat: Wide-brimmed hats made of straw or natural (breathable) materials will not only save you from sunburn on hot days, but also give your outfit a boho chic look.
    • Jewellery: It’s a getaway–keep it classic and simple with a chain necklace, a few bangles and a pair of hoops.

    Remember to consider your destination, duration of visit, itineraries, and style before packing the perfect vacation wardrobe. I’ll leave you with one packing tip – roll your clothes instead of folding them, to save more space.




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