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    How To Accessorize A Sequin Dress

    How To Accessorize A Sequin Dress - NALÈ

    If your sequin dress has a high neckline, it is best to go with a full low pearl necklace, while if you are opting for a v-neck sequin dress, you can lay emphasis on your earrings, or might well go for smaller earrings, but a gold neck chain.

    While sequin dresses are some of the boldest collections a woman can own, it is also the most selective fit for a woman, because, you need to slay when you are in your sequin dress. 

    When you accessorize properly, you can choose to dress up or dress down, depending on the style of your sequin dress and this helps you to achieve a fun, classy, and stylish look.

    Let’s dive in.


    1. Simple look all day, any day

    Silver Sequin Dress


    Your sequin dress has all the sparkle and shine that embodies all the glitter and glamour, so when you step out in your dress, remember it is the focal point of your ensemble and at that moment, your whole look is delicate.

    Piling up accessories would be unnecessary and a total fallout because your sequin dress is already busy. When you are wearing sequins, it is important to remember to start small; keep the rest of your body and look simple. 

    It is important to note that choosing pieces of jewellery in solid colours is better, compared to large diamonds and rhinestones and the like. Avoiding large heavy earrings and neckpieces is also a thing when wearing a sequin dress.

    For example, if you have a strapless, v-neck sequin dress, you can opt for a thin chain and pendant and stud earrings, so your neck and face do not look busy. You can as well, decide to go with only a sizeable round earring leaving out the neckpiece, especially for v-neck dresses.

    However, if your dress has sleeves or a high neckline, it is important to avoid the neckpiece altogether. It is also important to go for metal jewellery instead of jewellery that already sparkles. 

    When wearing sequin dresses, the goal is to look smart, your dress has done a majority of the work for you already. A simple neckpiece or piece of earrings is enough for you to make a statement.


    2. Trust the process and dress down

    Black Wide Leg Sequin Palazzo Jumpsuit

    It is a sequin dress, so trust the process and dress down. Yes, your sequin dress has glammed you up without much, so why not use less? By using the right accessories and combining the right looks, you can achieve a casual, fun, and evening look.

    One new fast-trending combination you can use for your sequin dress is a leather jacket and thigh-heeled boots. This combo will give you a more relaxed, and casual look that you can rock anywhere.

    Either way, you can use it to toughen your look or play around the edge. To create an even magnificent look, throw around a pair of drop earrings, with a fitted leather jacket.  

    And if you are looking to get around the business world, instead of a leather jacket, you can go for a plain black blazer with your thigh-heeled boots. 


    3. Show up elegant

    Silver Sequin Dress

    When you wear sequin, you might as well go elegant, by choosing the type of accessory you use to finish your already stunning look. The goal is to look striking, but not too much.

    When it comes to dressing, there is nothing more classy than pearls. They have a way of improving your whole look and style. If you are wearing a V-neck, high neck, or strapless neckline sequin dress, you can pair it with a princess-length pearl choker or necklace, preferably. 

    You can then match it with a pair of stud earrings to keep your look elegant, yet simple.


    4. The right jewellery

    Long Silver Sequin Dress

    When wearing sequin dresses, accessorizing perfectly is the key to getting an accomplished look. Here are a few accessories that will bring out the glam.


    If your sequin dress is a single-coloured dress or a solid-coloured dress, it is best to play around and go for earrings that leave large statements. 

    But if you are going for brightly coloured or elaborate design dresses, it is best to keep it simple with stud earrings, or tiny pearl earrings.


    sequin blazer accessorized with necklace

    Many times, necklaces are not required for sequin dresses. Most times when you have already picked out a stunning pair of statement-making earrings.

    But if you feel your gorgeousness requires a necklace, you can use the neck type of your dress to conclude. In this case, thin short necklaces are the best. If you are wearing a V-neck dress, you can choose to go with a slightly longer necklace. But if it is a round or upper-neck dress, you can opt for pearl necklaces.

    Party dresses with V-neck line dress require simple necklaces if at all would be used.


    The same theory of “Less is more” also applies to bracelets when it comes to styling with sequin dresses. If you are looking to use bracelets, you can consider the sleeve type. But if it is a sleeveless dress, you can go for something simple, such as a bangle, cuff, or thin-strip metallic bracelet.


    What type of shoes do you wear with sequins?

    Depends majorly on the length of your dress and also the type of neck your dress has. If it is a V-neck dress but in mini or midi length, you can go for a stiletto pair of shoes, thigh-heeled boots, or strappy sandals.


    What colour of sequin dress is best to wear?

    Navy sequins are known to be cool looking, as any accessory added to it will give you a chic, sparkle, and classy look, without doing too much. 


    What type of bag do you wear with a sequin dress?

    As sequin dresses are glamorous, it is best to go with a simple clutch purse that can tone down the colour.



    When stepping out in a sequin dress, accessorizing is the most important part, because this will define your look. If you are unsure or in doubt about how to accessorize, you can go without it. You can never go wrong in it, you will still stand out. It takes time and practice to fully grasp the style that comes with slaying the sequin dress. So it is perfectly okay to stumble at first. 








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