Introducing NALÈ

The NALÈ Woman is strong, bold, beautiful, ambitious, funny, self-sufficient, quirky and driven. She is utterly full of who she is and confident in her identity, she knows that she has a place in the world and she owns that space without explanation as to the 'why'

She’s a bold dreamer that is not afraid of outfits that make her stand out, fierce in the pursuits of who she wants to be, her style is effortlessly minimal but still confident.

Inspired by vibrant colors, stripes, and monochrome, this look-book is a reflection of the everyday NALÈ woman. The pieces in the collection range from polka dot wide legged pants, red candy stripped jumpsuits to frill detailed skirts, all with an edgy finish.


Brand: NALÈ Girl | @naleapparel

Photography: Lex Ash | @thelexash

Makeup: D’Artiste by Dodos | @iamdodos


  • Nwando Ebeledike |@thenwando
  • Princess |@theprincesspolo
  • Simi Drey |@simidrey


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