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    What Hairstyles Fit Off-Shoulder Dress?

    What Hairstyles Fit Off-Shoulder Dress? - NALÈ

    NALE Off-Shoulder Dress with Cutout


    Here, we have compiled a list of stylish looks to help you find your perfect hairstyle match for your off-shoulder dress. From sleek ponytails to braided updos, there's something for every hair type and occasion.


    1. Sleek Low Ponytail

    Kerry Washington, Source: Vogue

    To achieve a sleek ponytail, you'll typically need to use a brush or comb to smooth the hair and possibly some styling products like gel or hairspray to keep it in place and minimise stray hairs. You get an elegant look to complement your off-shoulder dress.


    2. Side Bun

    Jennifer Lawrence, Source: Harper’s BAZAAR

    The side bun is a classy and chic hairstyle for formal events or special occasions. The hair is gathered to one side of the head and twisted or braided into a bun. It can be worn for casual and formal occasions.


    3. French Twists Updo 

    Keke Palmer, Source: Just Jared

    A French twist is a classic hairstyle where the hair is twisted upwards and secured against the head, typically at the back of the head. French twists can vary in style, from sleek and polished to loose and romantic, depending on personal preference.


    4. Ballerina Bun

    Salma Hayek, BAFTA Awards

    A ballerina bun is a classic hairstyle often associated with ballet dancers. It is styled by a sleek and neat bun positioned at the back of the head. It takes attention from your hair to focus on your shoulders, neckline, or dress.


    5. Sleek Bob

    Gabrielle Union, Source: Redbook Mag

    A bob hairstyle is usually cut straight around the head at jaw level, often with a fringe at the front. "Sleek" refers to the hair styling to be smooth, straight, and shiny, with little to no volume or texture. This look can be achieved by using different methods such as blow-drying, straightening, or styling products like smoothing serums or creams. It's a classic and adaptable style that can be adjusted to suit different face shapes and personal tastes.


    6. Soft Waves

    Cate Blanchett, Source: Harper’s Beauty

    Soft waves complement half-shoulder dresses beautifully, offering a romantic and elegant look. Soft waves hair refers to a hairstyle where the hair is styled into gentle, loose waves rather than tight curls or straight strands.


    7. Off The Shoulder 

    Lily James, Source: E! Online

    Off-the-shoulder hair" is a hairstyle where the hair is styled to cascade over the shoulders, often framing the face. It's excellent when you want to highlight the shoulders of your dress, and it helps push the hair behind the ears. This style can vary widely depending on hair length, texture, and preference.


    8. Deep Side Part

    Emily Ratajkowski, Source: Hello Magazine

    A deep diagonal side part is when the hair is parted deeply on one side of the head at a diagonal angle. To achieve this style, you typically use a comb to create a clean, defined part and then style the hair accordingly. It's often seen in formal or red-carpet events but can also be worn casually for a chic everyday look.


    9. Asymmetrical Bob

    Charlize Theron, Source: Critics Choice Awards

    The asymmetrical bob is a trendy and edgy hairstyle with uneven lengths, with one side shorter. It adds a modern twist to the classic bob, creating a bold and stylish look perfect for those who want to stand out. Pairing an asymmetrical bob with an off-shoulder dress creates a striking and contemporary look.


    10. Full Curls

    Solange Knowles, Source: Teen Vogue

    Full curls are voluminous and bouncy curls that fall down the length of the hair, creating a complete and voluminous look that complements any outfit, including an off-shoulder dress.


    Accessorising Off-Shoulder Dresses


    Opting for a simple chain or choker is a fantastic choice for an off-shoulder dress. If your off-shoulder dress features a low-cut shape, opt for a pendant necklace that mirrors the neckline's V shape. Aim for the pendant to rest on bare skin, ensuring at least a thumb's space between the top of the neckline and the pendant's drop. This space intrigues your chest area and draws attention to your upper body.


    Pearls present another timeless option for accessorising an off-the-shoulder dress. Opting for bold pearls that can be layered around your neck creates a striking and dramatic effect, perfectly complementing the off-shoulder neckline.


    Earrings are essential when wearing an off-shoulder dress and choosing earrings that harmonise with the style and neckline of your clothing. Opt for drop or oversized hoop earrings if your off-shoulder dress features a high neckline. These divert attention to your neck and shoulders.


    Bracelets and bangles emphasise your arms and infuse your outfit with sparkle. When selecting bracelets and bangles to pair with your off-shoulder dress, consider the fabric and colour of your dress. 









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