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    12 Tips to Up Your Travel Photography Game on Instagram

    12 Tips to Up Your Travel Photography Game on Instagram - NALÈ

    Feeling like your Instagram feed's been a bit of a snooze fest lately? Not to worry. Here are 12 travel photography tips to get everyone double-tapping your adventures ASAP.

    sunrise photo

    1. Lighting is Everything, Seriously

    When you nail the light, your snaps go from zero to hero in no time. We’re talking golden hour glow-up. That's the crack of dawn or when the sun's saying bye for the day. The light's all soft and dreamy then, making everything look better. Midday sun? Not so much, unless you're after those edgy shadows. But have a play with it, and see what vibes you get.

    2. Composition is Key

    Ever heard of the rule of thirds? Imagine your image is divided into nine equal segments by two vertical and two horizontal lines. Placing the juicy bits of your scene along those lines or at their intersections gives your pic a bit of edge. But hey, rules are made to be broken, right? Don't be afraid to mix it up. Try placing your subject off-centre. Duck down, climb up, do a little dance if you have to – finding that unexpected angle could be the difference between a good shot and a "OMG, where is that?" shot. Play around a lil bit until you find what looks sick.

    up close photo of food

    3. Get Up Close and Personal

    This is about showing off the little things that tell a massive story. Zoom in on the cool details others might stroll past - like the way the light dances on a cobbled street, or the explosion of colours in a bowl of local fruit. These shots have got a way of pulling folks right into where you are, making them feel the textures and almost taste the air.

    4. Play with Perspectives

    Imagine getting those snaps from angles no one's thought about. Look at climbing that hill for a shot. Or maybe, get down with the ants for a view that's all kinds of epic from the ground up. It's like, one minute you're the giant in the story, next you're part of the tiny world. Playing with how you see things isn't just fun; it gives your feed that fresh vibe everyone's after. So, don't just stand there.

    lady wearing a flowing dress and looking into the blue ocean

    5. Movement Adds Drama

    Ain't nothing like a bit of motion to spice up your shots. Think about it - a bustling market, the swish of a flowing dress, or that mad dash across the road when the lights change. Capturing movement tells your followers, "Yep, I lived this moment, and it was epic." So, next time you're out there, keep your eyes peeled for those moving scenes. They're your ticket to making your feed pop with stories that move, literally.

    6. Embrace Negative Space

    This is all about that minimalist vibe that draws people straight to what matters. By making use of negative space, you've got yourself a shot that's not just a photo, but a piece of art. So next time you're snapping away, remember, that sometimes having less in your frame actually adds way more to the story.

    vibrantly coloured houses on both sides of a street

    7. Focus on the Colours

    Bright, vibrant colours can transform a decent photo into a real showstopper. Have a photo with the sea? Increase the blue until it's as if you can almost dive in. Experimenting with greens and yellows can make nature photos look like something out of a dream. And city lights? Make them sparkle like a disco. A bit of tweaking in your favourite editing app can work wonders, just keep it authentic and not too excessive.

    8. Find Unique Locations

    Here, we're after those spots that aren't splashed all over every other feed. Snap something no one's seen before. It's like being an explorer, only your discoveries are gonna light up Instagram. Think about it, stumbling upon a quaint little café tucked away from the world or a graffiti wall that tells a story – these are the gems that give your feed the edge.

    a funky pair of sunglasses in a beach shot

    9. Props Can Be Game-Changers

    Imagine putting on a funky pair of sunglasses in a beach shot or having a hot cuppa in front of a mountain view. Props aren't just objects; they enhance the story and set the mood. For example, add a classic book in a quaint little corner and voila, you've got a scene that whispers tales. Have a retro camera? Feature it in an old town setup. A colourful scarf? Let it catch the wind on a breezy day. Props can transform a basic photo into a stunning one. So, next time you're out and about, think about what little extras you can add to make that shot stand out.

    10. Timing is Everything

    Picture this: you're eyeing up that iconic spot, but it's swarmed with tourists. Here's where a bit of patience comes into play. Wait for when the crowd thins out or get out of bed at the crack of dawn. It's about catching things at just the right time – like that split second when the sun dips below the horizon. These are the times that captured shots are pure gold. So yeah, sometimes you have to wait it out, but it’s definitely worth it.

    two ladies editing photos on their laptops

    11. Edit Like a Pro

    Tweak the basics like brightness, and contrast, and maybe enhance those colours a bit. Give your photo a little glow-up without losing the plot. Filters? Go for it, but stick to a vibe that makes your feed look all sorts of lovely. So, have a play, but keep it real - your followers will thank you for it.

    12. Tell a Story

    Your goal is to make every scroll on your feed feel like they're turning pages in a book they can't put down. And while captions can throw in a bit more flavour, let your pictures do the heavy lifting. Make them so gripping that your followers can feel the vibes just by looking. That's the real magic of sharing your travels - turning viewers into virtual travel buddies, one photo at a time.





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