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    What to Pack for a Spring Break Travel

    What to Pack for a Spring Break Travel - NALÈ


    Spring is upon us, and we love how this makes us feel. Some sun and warmth, blooming leaves, the burst of colours. What's there not to love about spring? It's simply the right time to enjoy the sun and some adventure.

    Whatever adventure you plan to delight yourself in this spring, it would be a bummer if you forget an important item. So here's a list to ensure you have the right things for your spring adventure.


    What should you pack for your spring travel? 

    1. Clothes, of course. But which ones?

    It is important to pack the right clothing types that suit the activities you plan to do, as well as the weather; whether warm and sunny or chilly. Here are some clothing items you should have in your travel bag:

    • Basic sundresses
    • Rompers
    • Crochet pieces
    • Tank tops/ t-shirts/ crop tops
    • Shorts
    • Bikinis or one-pieces
    • Cover-ups to add style
    • Pyjamas 
    • Jackets, sweaters, and scarves
    • Pairs of socks


    2. Footwear 

    Comfortable footwear is your best bet since you may be doing a lot of walking. You wouldn't want anything that would disturb your movement or cause blisters and pain. A pair or two of the following should suffice for your trip.

    • Sandals with little or no heels
    • Comfortable running shoes
    • Flip-flops 


    3. Toiletries  

    You can put some of these in travel-sized bottles depending on how long you would stay or you can buy them when you arrive at your destination.

    • Skin and hair care products 
    • Soaps
    • Toothbrushes
    • Deodorants and scents
    • Makeup
    • Hand sanitizers
    • Sunscreen
    • Feminine hygiene products


    4. Accessories 

    These “extras” are as important as everything you have in your bag. So, be sure to pack them as well.

    • Sunglasses and hats 
    • Beach tote bags
    • Water bottles to keep yourself hydrated at all times
    • Cross-body bags that can fit your phone, wallet, lip balm, and some sunscreen.


    5. Health essentials

    You mostly cannot tell how your body would choose to react in a new environment. So, have some medications just in case:

    • Allergy meds
    • Painkillers
    • Vitamins and supplements
    • Prescription meds (if you have any) 
    • Band-aids
    • Bug repellents


    6. Gadgets

    Stay connected to the digital world by adding these to your list:

    • Power bank and cable to keep your phone charged at all times
    • Bluetooth speakers with a perfectly curated spring playlist to vibe to
    • Headphones
    • Your laptop (if you would be working remotely). Remember to take the charger!


    • Personal protective gear like zappers, alarm key chains, and pepper sprays. 
    • A waterproof pouch for your phone
    • Means of identification
    • Debit and credit cards
    • Some cash
    • A mini first-aid kit
    • A travel pillow
    • Snacks 
    • Ear plugs


    Packing Tips

    Now you know what you should pack, but before randomly throwing stuff into a bag for your trip, you should consider the following tips:

    • Opt for a sturdy backpack with compartments for organized packing and easy carrying
    • Do some research on what the weather is like to pack the right set of clothing
    • Have a checklist like this one to ensure you don’t forget anything
    • Double-check before you travel to make sure you have all your items packed


    Spring activities to try 

    • A walk in nature to enjoy the sunrise or sunset
    • Picnic with friends or outdoor lunches
    • Hiking 
    • Horse riding
    • Driving and Sightseeing
    • Joining a local event
    • Outdoor painting 
    • Boat ride/cruise with your girls


    Where is spring taking you this year?

    Plan a trip, pack your bags, go on your trip and embrace the joys of exploration while you cherish every moment of it. Don’t forget to take pictures!







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