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    7 Spring Scents We’re Absolutely Swooning Over

    7 Spring Scents We’re Absolutely Swooning Over - NALÈ



    With winter gone and spring here, it is time to update your fragrance collection with scents that embody the fresh essence of the season.


    Spring scents are characterized by warmth, earthiness, freshness, airiness, juiciness, happiness, and floral notes, making them the perfect complement to the season's arrival. 

    You may be wondering why you can’t use the same scents for all seasons. Here's why: during spring, it's warmer and the body temperature goes up, producing more moisture and oils to make scents last longer. But during winter, the body temperature reduces and less oil is produced on the skin, making it difficult for scents to last longer. This is why it is advisable to go for subtle scents for spring.

    To guide your selection process, check out these 7 captivating spring scents we love:



    Source: Armani

    This fruity and floral perfume for women opens with a burst of freshness, juicy Pear accord and vibrant, aromatic Rhubarb accord. MY WAY EAU DE PARFUM NECTAR invites you on a sensorial journey, capturing a liberated and free-spirited vision of femininity.




    Source: Henry Rose

    This fragrance contains notes of bright grapefruit and bergamot that meet honeyed neroli, soft Earl Grey tea, jasmine, and musk for a citrus-forward fragrance. It conveys a sense of freedom, brightness and happiness that will turn heads when you step out this spring season.



    Source: Perfume Muse

    The FlowerBomb Tiger Lily fragrance opens with an inviting burst of refreshing coconut milk, deepens into a wild-floral tiger lily heart, and fuses with a juicy mango-fruit base for a sensual, tropical scent. If you're a fierce woman who wants to unleash confidence and let your sensuality roar, the Flowerbomb Tiger Lily is your match.


    4. GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES | Sunset in Capri 


    Sunset in Capri is a citrus-floral scent that arouses the senses with its delicious blend of peach, mandarin, jasmine and musk. It pays homage to the juicy white peach, with supporting top notes of zesty mandarin and cassis bud for depth.



    Source: WHO IS ELIJAH

    This fragrance can be described as a sweet, citrus and floral blend that is refreshing, just like spring. Top notes are Citruses, Vetiver, Bergamot and Grapefruit; middle notes are Petitgrain, Rosemary, Orange Blossom and Floral Notes; base notes are Musk, Cedar and Amber.


    6. AESOP Hwyl Eau de Parfum

    Source: AESOP Hwyl Eau de Parfum

    Eccentric and unapologetic, Hwyl is a stirring fragrance, reminiscent of a Japanese forest and a reminder to embrace your adventurous, carefree side. Its top notes are Spices and Thyme; middle notes are Cypress and Woody Notes; base notes are Vetiver, Olibanum and Oakmoss.


    7. NEST | Wild Poppy Eau de Parfum

    Source: NEST

    Wild Poppy by Nest is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. This spirited, fruity-floral eau de parfum captures the evolution of a poppy flower from bud to blossom by blending rose de Grasse and hints of Himalayan jasmine with the luscious aromas of pear, raspberry, and apricot.


    How to Choose the Perfect Spring Fragrance

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new

  • You might be used to a particular set of fragrances and even have a ‘signature scent’. Guess what? You can always have another signature scent or be a little extra by having different scents for different days and times. Go out of your comfort zone and explore the world of scents. 

  • Decide on what you want to smell like 

  • Whether you want to smell like flowers, fruits, or a tropical island or have a mysterious aura, there are different scents to match your taste. You just have to find the one.

  • Don't rush the process

  • Perfumes have different notes; The top note, the heart note and the base note. The top note is what you smell first, then the heart note and the base note, which remains. So, to be sure you like a scent,  allow it to settle on your skin before making a choice. 

  • Get recommendations

  • While it's okay to do your thing and pick your scents, getting recommendations would save you the trouble of having to try out so many scents. Ask fragrance-savvy friends or fragrance professionals for personalized recommendations. 

  • Know the intensity

  • Some perfumes are more intense than others. Eau De Parfums usually last longer because they have a stronger perfume oil concentration than Eu De Toilettes which are lighter and softer and may require you to reapply during your day. So, by knowing the intensity, you can go for strong and long-lasting scents or soft scents, depending on your choice.

    7 Perfume Hacks

    1. Concentrate on spraying your perfume on pulse points; inside your elbows, your wrists, behind your ears, and on your neck for optimal diffusion

    2. Avoid rubbing your wrists together after applying.

    3. Moisturise skin before applying to prolong longevity

    4. Spritz perfume onto clothing to infuse fabric with the scent

    5. Spray your hair as well or get hair fragrance if you are scared of the alcohol content drying out your hair.

    6. Do not spray on Jewellery.

    7. Always have pocket perfumes or perfume atomizers. They come in handy when you want to reapply your scent during the day

    We hope these fragrance delights and tips give you an extra spring in your step.




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