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    Long-Distance Relationship: 10 Tips to Make It Work

    Long-Distance Relationship: 10 Tips to Make It Work - NALÈ

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    Long ago, long-distance love involved waiting for days, if not months, to send and receive letters from loved ones, having no means to hear their voice. But thanks to technology now, the dynamics have all changed.

    Long-distance love might mean being in a relationship with someone in the same country but a different state or a whole different country or continent altogether. Regardless of what it is, it requires a high level of intentionality and work to thrive.

    Here are helpful tips.


    Tips that can help your long-distance love work


    1. Communicate regularly, but not excessively

    Relationships thrive based on the communication between both parties involved. It is necessary to converse regularly and update your partner on what’s happening with you, your work, and your day. Communication is how you carry your partner along since they can't see you every day. Make your communication thrive by using means both parties are comfortable with: calls, videos or texts.


    2. Try out things together over the distance

    Distance doesn’t always have to be a barrier to trying out stuff or doing things together in your long-distance relationship. Thanks to technology, you can try virtual dates on a video call and do things together, creating a simulation of being together. This way, you create shared experiences that will stick and strengthen your memories. 


    3. Set ground rules

    Your long-distance love can only work without hurting anybody when ground rules and expectations for each other are set from the beginning to avoid miscommunication and conflict. Have a call where you both talk about all your expectations from each other. Also, listen to your partner’s demands carefully, and in situations where there are clashes of interest, you both have to come to a compromise.


    4. Set a finite long-term goal

    Of course, the point of being in a long-distance love is that one of these days, you will meet your partner and spend time together. Deciding the time, place and how you will both orchestrate this meeting is important. Having a set date makes the relationship a lot less tiring on the days it gets hard.


    5. Be honest

    Make sure you communicate all you feel with your partner at all times. If you’re feeling inadequate, or uncomfortable about something, having concerns or doubts, be honest and have a conversation with an open mind. You can also be honest about your good feelings too, bare your emotions and be vulnerable to them. It strengthens your relationship. 


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    6. Be your own person

    As much as it sounds enticing to have your life wrapped around your partner's life due to the distance, you both need to have your singular interests and passions outside each other. Spending too much time together over a long distance can make it harder to manage the real world when you have to face it. Make sure that you have different interests outside of virtual communication and shared activities. They’ll even serve as conversation topics for when you talk. 


    7. Discuss financial situations

    Finances are an important part of long-distance relationships as money is what makes all your plans to see and spend time together feasible. Be open and discuss your financial capabilities and how they can affect your relationship dynamics. Discuss how you will fund and budget for your visits and how often they will be based on your incomes. 


    8. Share your goals and dreams

    One of the people best to be your accountability partner for your goals and dreams is your partner. Having the luxury of filling your partner in regarding your goals and dreams in all areas of your life is one you should use. To strengthen yourselves as individuals and as partners, discuss your goals and dreams alongside actionable steps to achieve them together, aiding your growth inside and outside the relationship. 


    9. Try gifting for personal memories

    Distance can be overwhelming, but having a personal belonging that reminds you of your partner makes it a little bearable on the hard days. Make it a habit to exchange gifts with your partner over the distance, buying things that let them know you’re thinking of them. 


    10. Be intentional about being there

    Emotional support is very important in romantic relationships. With long-distance love, showing up emotionally is more important because of the physical absence. Make sure you are always there for your partner anytime they need you, and it is important to sustain your romantic connection.



    Making your long-distance love with your partner work is not as hard as the rest of the world paints it. With help from technology, it is much easier for you and your partner to put in the work to sustain your relationship. As long as you’re both ready to communicate properly and put in the work, navigating your relationship will be easier than you imagine.






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