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    Jewelry Trends: What to Wear in 2024

    Jewelry Trends: What to Wear in 2024 - NALÈ

    Pieces of jewelry are salient parts of your outfit. They portray your style and have the power to elevate or tone down a look. That is, by pairing your jewelry right, you can move an everyday look to something special, or intentionally move from ‘over and above’ to something chic, yet simple.

    Here are some jewelry trends to update your jewelry collection.


    Black Jewelry Sets

    Lexie Jordan Jewelry

    We all know how elegant black looks. Now, black jewelry like black metals, gems, enamels; that’s class, luxury, and effortless fashion, and we’re so ready for it. 

    Pearl sets

    Kyoto Pearl

    These classic pieces never go out of style. They add an elegant look to your outfit, no matter what you wear. From neckpieces to earrings, and bracelets, pearls would always capture the essence of sophistication. Want to blend a casual and classy look? Try pearls.


    Chunky chains


    Extra? No. We prefer feisty and adventurous. If your style is loud, these jumbo neckpieces will allow you to make a bold statement. You can rock them as they are or combine them with something simple to give a different vibe.

    Layered necklaces

    Astley Clarke

    As we said, there’s a movement away from simple looks and going a little extra, and with layered necklaces, the more is indeed the merrier. Layering your necklaces allows you to pair necklaces of different lengths, sizes, colors, and thicknesses, to accentuate your neckline.


    Cuff bracelets

    Town and Country Magazine

    These bracelet designs adorn the wrist and if you will, the arm sometimes. You can go for one or more to give a bold or simple look, whatever your style is

    More Rings


    Deck up one, two, three, five, or even all ten fingers with these pretty adornments. You can explore different choices like sculpted rings, simple rings, signet rings, bold rings, vintage ring sets, etc. Want to try more than one on a finger? Yes, please!


    Outhouse Jewellery

    This has made a bolder comeback; edgy metals, beads, and extra designs to suit different personalities and styles.


    The Times

    When you think brooches, your sweet grandma probably comes to mind. But guess what? These vintage pieces have resurfaced as a little something extra to pin on your outfit to make it more “fancy.”


    Statement Pendants

    Baala Jewels 

    They can either be long or short, depending on your outfit and what you’d prefer. The pendants can be flowers, shapes, shells, and medallions; anything noticeable from a distance. 

    Mixed metals


    The Wall Street Journal

    Gone are the days people stick to only one type of jewelry. Now, they boldly mix these metals to bring a harmonious contrast that gives a really interesting, highly versatile and modern look.

    Statement earrings

    Lewis Jewellers

    These extraordinary ear ornaments can range from big earrings, hoops, flowers, crystal drops, shells, or even asymmetric styles. You know, anything that “makes a statement.”

    Jewelries are powerful tools for self-expression and identity. So, regardless of these trends, it’s important to be yourself and choose pieces that showcase your individuality.


    How to select jewelry pieces that fit your personality

    Jewelry isn't just something you wear; it's a way to express your unique personality and style. There's a piece for every taste, whether you like big and bold or subtle and delicate. With so much to choose from, how do you pick the ones that really match your style?


  • Go for your style
  • Think about what you like before buying jewelry. What clothes do you feel best in? What colors and patterns do you like? Do you prefer classic or trendy styles? Do you like gold, silver, or both? Knowing your style helps you pick jewelry that suits you and shows who you are.

  • Consider your lifestyle
  • Think about your lifestyle when picking jewelry. If you're active, choose sturdy pieces that won't bother you. If you work in an office, you might like fancy jewelry like pink diamonds or ruby rings. Find what matches, make sure it looks good, feels comfy, and works for your daily routine.

  • Choose pieces with personal meaning
  • Pick jewelry that means something to you. It adds depth to your look and lets you show who you are. It makes your pieces more special and can start conversations. Try adding things like a birthstone or something that reminds you of a special moment. It makes the jewelry more personal and tells your story. 

  • Trust your feelings
  • When picking jewelry that shows who you are, trust your feelings. If you like something and it feels right, it probably suits you. Keep it simple, go for what makes you smile and matches your style. Fashion is about expressing yourself and enjoying it, so trust yourself and let your personality come out.  



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