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    Slow Travel: Embracing the Journey

    Slow Travel: Embracing the Journey - NALÈ

    What is Slow Travel?

    Imagine yourself spending a month or two in, say, Patagonia, South America. You get to wander the Nahuel Huapi National Park and explore different activities on different days; kayaking, whitewater rafting, scuba diving, and a whole lot more!

    On other days, visualize yourself taking hikes and basking in the scenery of the Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre mountains in El Chalten, and also sailing through the world’s largest glacier at the Glaciares National Park while enjoying the tranquil aqua waters. 

    Very importantly, you get to spend time in delightful towns and with friendly locals.

    The beauty of these experiences is that you are not just rushing through destinations and tourist attractions to tick off items on your itinerary. You're stopping to absorb the sights and fully enjoy new experiences. This is what slow travel is all about - quality over quantity.

    Slow travel means exploring destinations by savoring every bit of the journey, connecting with the natural environment, embracing local communities, absorbing new cultures, (food, music, ways of life), and creating new and meaningful experiences. 

    Slow travel is not like fast-paced travel where you mostly get to see only the highlights. You are exposed to a deeper level of involvement which allows you to appreciate life in a new way.

    Benefits of Slow Travel

    1. Save costs

    Compared to regular travel, slow travel is cost-saving. You can find cheaper options for transportation, as you get to do more walking and less taking of cabs. You can also save costs with feeding, as you can explore their local markets and even make your own meals. Really affordable accommodation is also possible, as there are low-cost options for you to stay in compared to pricey hotels. 

    2. Disconnect and connect

    During slow travels, you get to disconnect from typical travel struggles; rushing to catch a flight, rushing to tick off every item on your itinerary, and fitting all the sightseeing and experiences into just a few days. 

    It allows you to connect with new people, make new friends, build new lasting bonds and relationships, and connect with new experiences that will linger on for a very long time.

    3. Destress and energize 

    Regular travels can be fast-paced and exhausting, but with slow travel, you can pace yourself. You can do what you want when you want, without feeling pressured or being in a hurry.

    This is a form of self-care that allows you to relax, and relieve burnout and fatigue caused by everyday stress that your body is probably used to, making you feel revived and refreshed.

    4. Learn and relearn 

    When you slow travel, you learn languages, new cultures, routines, festivities, and how to adapt. You also get to relearn old things you've probably forgotten, like how to enjoy nature and a sense of communal living.


    6 Tips for Slow Travel

    1. Find out about your destination

    What do you know about where you’re going? Do your findings so that you can prepare adequately. Is it warm or cold there? What culture shocks should you know about and gear up for? By the time you are aware of where you’re going, you will blend in just right.

    2. Spend more time at a place 

    Don't put a time stamp on the places you are visiting. Stay longer at each place if you feel like it. It’s better than just passing by. Allow yourself to go with the flow, and allow yourself to rest while enjoying these places, so you don’t get fatigued.

    3. Go Local

    Learn a new way of living by emulating how the locals live. Enjoy their local meals and street foods, patronize local businesses, and attend and enjoy local events and festivities. Be a local, not a tourist.

    4. Do you

    Slow travel is all about you. Do not do what doesn’t genuinely interest you. Focus on what makes you happy, whatever it might be; sightseeing, shopping, cycling or swimming. But don’t stop at these. Try something new, be flexible!

    5. Travel during the low season 

    To get the best of your travel experience; a relaxed atmosphere, and normal prices, start your slow travel when the rush of the high season has died down, and the tourists and sightseers aren’t crowding the place up. Then, you get to enjoy the place like a true local.

    6. Less is More

    You don't have to try to cover all tourist areas or visit everywhere. Do not be scared of missing out that you have no genuine experience. Rather, enjoy where you are while you’re there, at that moment. Soak it all in. That’s the most important thing.

    If you love the whole idea of local living, slow paces, and embracing moments, when you make plans for your next adventure, try something different.

    Travel? Sure. but slowly this time.




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