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    Staycations: 5 Things You Need To Create Getaways at Home

    Staycations: 5 Things You Need To Create Getaways at Home - NALÈ

    The idea of a staycation is to save money, but still have enough to look like you went on a vacation.

    Here are a few ideas:  


    1. Try dishes that take you to your desired destination


    If you wish to visit Korea and you decide to opt for a staycation instead, you can decide to make their food in your house. Because you cannot visit the best restaurants, discovering other cultures through their food is one of the pleasures of a staycation.

    Create a destination-themed meal by trying new flavours from faraway places. You can involve your kids, and surf the internet to get the ingredients and how to make these dishes most likely. You can then head to grocery outlets to get these ingredients.

    By taking time to experiment and create new recipes even from these, you are bringing the experience to yourself and loved ones.


    2. Learn a new language or try something different

     Learn a new language

    Learning a new language can cause a feeling of refreshment to your mind and body. It provides a positive impact on you and improves your brain function, mental flexibility, and creativity.

    Aside from learning new languages, you can go on adventure sports or horseback riding. And if you are into cars, you can rent a motor car for fun, after all, a staycation does not involve spending much, so yes you can splurge all you want.

    Do something that you would normally have to spend money on if you are on a vacation, while on a staycation.


    3. Take a nature walk 


    Another thing you can do while taking a staycation is to go on a nature walk. These are exhilarating things that you can experience. Exploring new landscapes and soaking in the beauty of the environment.

    Getting out in nature is one staycation activity you can practice. Find a forest trail you have never been on, but is often implored by people in the neighborhood and take a long walk in that space.

    It helps to clear the mind and soul and gives you a breath of fresh air.


    4. Treat yourself


    Treating yourself can be very personal because of your being. It may be a day out, where you go to take care of yourself, or maybe a spa day, where you can lounge for hours, before finally getting a massage and enjoying the hot afternoon in a cold bath.

    You can decide to stay home and get food and binge-watch your favourite movie, this can be relaxing and fulfilling for you. Or you can try a yoga class or maybe take gym lessons to strengthen and build your body. 

    It could be any of these, or something completely different, after all, we tend to our bodies differently. Think about what an indulgent activity would do for you, and incorporate it into your staycation.


    5. Create A Spa at Home

    While vacation destinations are off the grid, you can decide the bring the spa to yours. 

    "How?" You may ask. You can make a simple body scrub with basic items you have at home such as sugar, coconut oil, olive oil, and a few drops of essential oils”, Christina Stephens, spa director at  Wymara Resorts and Villas in Turk says.

    Stephens also recommends essential oil steam in the shower and hydrating with fruit water afterwards. Coupled with all of these, you also need mindfulness practices going forward and since it is a staycation, it might be best to practice meditation for 10 minutes daily.



    As valid or important as a vacation might be, a staycation is very ideal when it comes to cutting costs and having time for oneself.

    A staycation can help you reach the peak of your mental health and also give you a new beginning depending on how well you handle it. In other words, you can never go wrong with a staycation, either as a single person or with family.





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