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    10 DIY Fashion Tips

    10 DIY Fashion Tips - NALÈ

    DIYs are useful for so many things. They come in handy when you do not want to hire a professional, need a quick fix, or just want to try to Do It Yourself! Here, we've got 10 DIY Fashion Tips for you.


    Fashion Emergencies and DIYs

    1. Gum on Jeans

    putting Jeans with gum in the freezer


    Nothing is more frustrating than trying to remove a piece of gum you mistakenly sat on. Put the affected pair in a plastic bag and keep it in the freezer. Freezing would make it easier to remove the gum.

    2. Stuck zipper

    Stuck zipperSource: Onecrazyhouse

    Zipping up your pants or jeans that are stuck can be a real struggle. To make it easier, try applying lubricants on the teeth of the zipper, like bar soaps, lip balms, petroleum jelly, candle wax, etc. These would give just the right amount of moisture to remove friction.

    3. Pills on clothes


    removing pills on clothes

    Source: Crazyorganized

    These tiny balls have their way of disfiguring your favourite sweater or pair of pants. To make them look brand new, use a razor blade or a shaving stick to scrape it GENTLY. This is to avoid making a hole while removing the pills.

    4. Loose Tucks

    a woman's shirt/blouse well tucked into her underwear

    Source: Glowingfems

    Having the perfect tuck-in with your outfit is not impossible. Try tucking in your shirt/blouse into your underwear. This would make it firm and let it stay that way for a long period compared to when it's only tucked into your skirt/pant trousers. 

    5. Soreness on the heels



    Use bandaids to protect your heels from the impact of wearing shoes for a long time.

    6. Broken zipper pull

    using bobby pins or paper clips to pull the zipper up


    Try using Bobby pins or paper clips to pull the zipper up or down. These hacks would always be of use in different scenarios, as certain fashion situations don't always immediately need a professional hand.

    Upscaling and repurposing clothes with DIYs 

    7. Patches and Embroidery


    Source: Crafty embroideries

    You can add these to your basic denim shirts to take away the plainness and give it a stylized, playful and colorful look.


    jean patched with lace

    jean jacket patched with lace

    Image source: Pinterest

    Adding some lace to some parts of your pants and jackets would give them a classy and feminine touch. 

    Felted Patches

    Felted Patches on sweater

    Image source:

    These can be used to cover holes in your sweaters or just to add more colour and style.



    Image source:  Pinterest

    Change plastic buttons on shirts and jackets to metallic gold or pearl ones to give your clothes a more classy and expensive look.





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